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Clinical Diagnostics and Research May 28-30, 2014

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This year will be our 5th annual Clinical Diagnostics & Research online conference. Attendees can earn free CME and CE Credits. The theme of this conference is a range of medical and clinical and research topics such as Personalized Healthcare, Pathology, Oncology, Infectious Disease, Laboratory Testing, Cardiology, Diabetes, Point of Care, Molecular Diagnostics, Hematology, Automation, Nutrition, Vitamin D, Allergy, Clinical Research, Mass Spectrometry, and much more.

This event will bring together clinicians, researchers, medical experts and professionals from around the world to learn about recent advances in clinical diagnostics, research and medicine. This conference offers an amazing opportunity as it is free to participants, and there will be no out-of-pocket expenses for travel. However, participants will still benefit from interacting with a global community of like-minded colleagues, without leaving the comfort of their office or home.

Conference participants will be able to:

  • Attend interactive live streaming video sessions
  • Have their questions answered in real-time by industry experts
  • Receive Free CME and CE Continuing Education Credits
  • Chat live with peers and speakers
  • Browse a virtual exhibit floor for solution providers

No crowded airports, delayed flights or expensive hotel rooms, but still the look and feel of a first-rate conference with world renowned experts. Participants also benefit from the fact that experts and vendors are more accessible, no more waiting in line to speak to someone. Think it is too good to be true? Checkout the venue and become a believer.

Here are continuing medical education (CME) learner objectives that attendees should be able to do as a result of participating in this activity.

  • Ability to contrast previous and newly released guidelines
  • Take action to increase partnership and collaboration with clinicians
  • Identify actions that can be taken to deliver quality results faster to clinicians
  • Better define personalized healthcare today and explain the role of companion diagnostics
  • Better describe diagnostic tools used in the patient workups
  • Better describe how the evolution of laboratory testing in health has impacted the patient
  • Identify the role of the clinical laboratory in contributing to or preventing diagnostic errors
  • Identify laboratory directed interventions that can reduce diagnostic errors
  • Describe analytical issues associated with various assays
  • Recognize the patient safety risks associated with misuse of the clinical laboratory
  • Identify several categories of commonly misused laboratory tests
  • Advise patients on the likely long term effects of certain surgery in patients with diseases
  • Explain levels of personalized medicine as it attempts to predict individual response to therapy