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Speakers: Genetics and Genomics August 20-21, 2014See Agenda

Robert Nussbaum, MD

Department of Medicine, Chief, Division of Medical Genetics, Holly

Bruce R Korf, MD, PhD

Wayne H. and Sara Crews Finley Chair of Medical Genetics

Gordon B Mills, MD, PhD

Department Chair
Department of Systems Biology, Division of Cancer Medicine,

Piero Carninci, PhD

Division of Genomic Technologies, RIKEN Center for Life Science

Joanna Hamilton, PhD

Dartmouth Medical School and the Norris Cotton Cancer Center

Lynne Apone, PhD

Application and Product Development Scientist
NEBNext group, New England Biolabs

Zach Smith, MS

Senior Applications Scientist
Beckman Coulter, Inc.

Vikram Devgan, PhD, MBA

Head of Biological research content
Qiagen, Inc.

Sohela Shah, PhD

Field Application Scientist
Ingenuity Systems, a Qiagen company, Neihaus research

Matthew Keyser, MS

Next-Gen Application Scientist

Gary Schroth, PhD

Distinguished Scientist
Illumina, Inc.

Matthew Nesbitt, MSc

Coastal Genomics

Christopher I Amos, PhD

Associate Director for Population Sciences
Professor of Community and Family

Shawn Baker, PhD

CSO and Co-Founder
AllSeq, Inc.

Dani Bercovich, PhD

Head of MSc program in Biotechnology
Tel Hai College,

Kenneth Buetow, PhD, FACMI

Director of Computational Sciences and Informatics Program for Complex Adaptive Systems

Colleen A Campbell, PhD, MS, CGC

Assistant Director
University of Iowa - Iowa Institute for Human

Iwijn De Vlaminck, PhD

Postdoctoral researcher
HHMI research associate, Departments of Bioengineering and Applied

Mark B Gerstein, PhD

Albert L. Williams Professor of Biomedical Informatics
Co-Director, Yale Computational

John Glass, PhD

Senior Scientist
Synthetic Biology Group, J. Craig Venter Institution

Sean Grimmond, PhD

Head, Genomics of Development and Disease Division, University of

Heidi C Howard, PhD

Senior Researcher
Uppsala University, Centre for Research Ethics & Bioethics

Cecile Janssens, PhD

Research Professor of Epidemiology
Emory University

Asif Javed, PhD

Research Associate
Genome Institute of Singapore (GIS), A*STAR

Michael C Jewett, PhD

Assistant Professor of Chemical and Biological Engineering
Northwestern University

Jonas Korlach, PhD

Chief Scientific Officer
Pacific Biosciences

Matthew Lebo, PhD, FACMG

Director of Bioinformatics
Assistant Laboratory Director, Partners Healthcare, Personalized

Jimmy Lin, MD, PhD, MHS

Founder & President
Rare Genomics Institute, School Faculty Member, Washington

Jessica C Mar, PhD

Assistant Professor
Department of Systems & Computational Biology, Assistant Professor,

Ellen T Matloff, MS, CGC

Founder and CEO
Gene Counsel, Founder and former director, Yale

Heather McLaughlin, PhD, MB(ASCP)CM

Instructor of Pathology
Massachusetts General Hospital & Harvard Medical School,

Ryan E Mills, PhD

Assistant Professor
Department of Computational Medicine & Bioinformatics, Assistant Professor,

John Quackenbush, PhD

Professor of Computational Biology and Bioinformatics
Department of Biostatistics, Harvard

Padma Sundar, MBA, MPH

Director of OncoScan Product Marketing Strategy

David E Symer, MD, PhD

Assistant Professor Department of Molecular Virology
Immunology and Medical Genetics,

Luk H Vandenberghe, PhD

Assistant Professor
Harvard Medical School, Assistant Scientist, Schepens Eye Research

Yue Wan, PhD

GIS fellow
Genome Institute of Singapore, A*STAR, Genome Institute of

Feng Zhang, PhD

Core Faculty Member
The Broad Institute of MIT/Harvard, Investigator, McGovern